From kits to complete

If you’d like to build your own we can supply whatever you want- from a wheel to a rolling chassis;  a kit for you to assemble;  to the complete hut with furnishing and fittings.

[frame align=”center” type=”classic-brown”]Shepherd Hut chassis[/frame]

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9 thoughts on “From kits to complete

  1. Looking to build hut for myself,could you give me some more information about your kits and pricing ,many thanks Mark Holliday, cumbria

  2. Hi, I’m looking for a quote for a rolling chassis 8 foot by 21 foot.

    Just like in the picture above.

    Kind regards,


  3. I am looking for a shepherds hut to use as an outside office where I can retire to write a book away from the disturbances of home. It needs to be light (plenty of window space) and warm (well insulated for winter use). Inside dimensions approx. 9 x 7 ft.

    Your suggestions and offers welcome. I live near Crediton in mid-Devon and so would be happy to come and see examples of huts you have made/on offer.

  4. Hi there
    I’m looking to build a shepherd hut approx 20ft x 9ft
    how much would you charge me for supply of a rolling chassis of this size.
    I see the wheels are very expensive with some people but the ones you have appear to be just the job I need.
    Also I like the example of the metal frame chassis in your gallery, looks very sturdy. Can you confirm What size and thickness box section is the steel? (Again I’ve seen many a lot thinner/weaker, but yours looks like it won’t bend/flex, which is good)

    Many thanks
    Dorian Davies
    West Wales

  5. Hi I’m looking at making a shepherds hut for a client as I’m a carpenter so would just need a chassis supplied .
    Could you do me a price on a rolling chassis please ?
    Look forward to hearing back from you.
    Scott gray

  6. Hi. We are interested in shepherd’s huts 6 m x 2.4 m to sit to the side of our property. We have issues with access (narrow) and wondered about a kit? Do you sell this size and if so, how much? We live in Lewes so would need delivery to our home. How easy is it to insulate a hut?

  7. Hi
    I have been musing about having a shepherd hut for quite a while and never taken it any further!
    Do you have open days or attend shows so we can take a look? What sort of price are we talking for a kit form/ready made shepherd hut please?

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