All of our Shepherd huts are custom made and can include any custom features, but our standard hut price can be seen below. This standard hut has been made for multiple options. The interior has been left empty so it can be made into an office, bedroom or whatever you desire.

Basic Shepherd Hut

Basic Hut

£6400-00 + VAT

Delivery to be charged at cost.

Standard Shepherd Hut

Standard Hut

£8400-00 + VAT

Delivery to be charged at cost.

Optional Extras – Please Enquire for Price on the following

(Instead of corrugated steel—wooden panelling using Douglas fir and painted to your choice)
(A stable door again with a small window;)
(Pine or oak flooring)
(Cottage style windows with window bars)
(A permanently fitted double bed across the width of the hut or alternatively a sofa bed allowing a better use of the space during the day; both will provide a bed size of 6’x4’6” and come with a foam mattress)
Table / Desk
(A table/desk made from hardwood [oak, ash or elm] and hinged on the wall to fold out- 3’x 2’ in size)
Electrical Insulation 240v
Electrical Insulation 12v
(Small wood burning stoves with hotplates are available)
Furniture and Furnishings
(Bespoke furniture and quality furnishings are also available)


  • Steel wheels and turntable with steel chassis totally enclosed within the floor section.
  • The exterior is clad with corrugated galvanized steel and can be painted in a colour of your choice.
  • The floor, walls and roof are fully insulated.
  • The internal measurements are 11’6”  x  6’3”  The roof height is 6’ at the walls rising to 6’10” in the middle.
  • It has two double glazed windows, one small fixed window at the end of the hut and a large window with two openers in the side and made of Douglas fir.
  • One single door with a small window in it. (Douglas fir)
  • Oak laminate flooring. (Or similar of your choice.)
  • Tongue and groove panelling to a height of 3’7” with plywood panelling above, all painted to a colour of your choice.
  • Curtain rails, window and door fittings.
  • Exterior hardwood steps.